Air Set Molding vs. V-Process vs. Green Sand Casting: Choosing the Right Method for Your Metal Castings

When it comes to casting, selecting the right method is crucial for achieving high-quality, cost-effective results. A&B, as a leading metal casting and manufacturing company, understands the importance of choosing the best technique for each project. In this article, we’ll delve into three popular casting methods: Air Set MoldingV-Process, and Green Sand Casting. Let’s explore their differences, advantages, and ideal applications.


Green Sand Casting


  • Green Sand Casting is the most commonly used method, accounting for over 70% of all metal castings.
  • Contrary to its name, the sand used isn’t green; it’s a wet sand mixture.
  • The sand is compacted around the pattern, maintaining its shape due to the unique mixture.
  • Cores are added, and the casting is nearly ready for pouring.


  • Cost-Effective: Green sand casting is budget-friendly, making it ideal for large production runs.
  • Design Freedom: It allows for intricate designs and complex geometries.
  • Short Lead Times: Quick mold creation and casting turnaround.


  • Surface Texture: Coarse green sand can result in a rough surface finish.
  • Depth-to-Width Ratio: Pockets in the pattern may have limitations.


Air Set Molding


  • Air Set Molding, also known as No-Bake Molding, uses dry sand bonded with materials other than clay.
  • An adhesive with fast curing properties holds the sand together.
  • The method produces smoother surfaces compared to coarse green sand.


  • Smooth Surface Finish: Air-set molds create castings with a refined appearance.
  • Deep, Narrow Pockets: Ideal for intricate patterns requiring precision.


  • Expense: The plastic used in the process can increase costs.
  • Burnt Color: Air-set castings often exhibit a burnt color on the surface.



  • V-Process (Vacuum Process) is a variation of sand casting.
  • It uses a thin plastic film to create the mold.
  • The pattern is placed in a flask, and a vacuum draws the film tightly around it.
  • The mold is then filled with sand and compacted.


  • Dimensional Accuracy: V-Process molds yield precise dimensions.
  • Smooth Surface: Excellent surface finish without the need for additional finishing.
  • Low Draft Angles: Suitable for intricate designs.


  • Initial Setup: Requires specialized equipment and tooling.
  • Higher Costs: The process can be costlier than green sand casting.


Each casting method has its strengths and limitations. We consider factors such as project complexity, budget, and desired surface finish when choosing between Air Set Molding, V-Process, and Green Sand Casting. By understanding these techniques, A&B can optimize its metal casting processes and deliver exceptional results to clients.

Remember, whether you’re crafting intricate components or large-scale industrial parts, the right casting method can make all the difference.

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