Come with us and see
why we are the leaders in our industry.
We are ready to help you fulfill your mission.

Come join us and see
why we are the leaders in our industry.
We are ready to help you fulfill your mission.

A&B has your Back.

We are ready to service your defense and peacekeeping manufacturing needs to ensure your mission runs smoothly.

Every choice you make, every component, every part, and every product specification can easily contribute to the success or failure of the mission of our peacemakers and warfighters. At A&B, we understand that it is very essential that each decision must be taken with a lot of great care and attention. We fully understand how critical these choices must be to you and the responsibility this puts on you. This is why primes and suppliers serving those who serve have time after time chosen A&B for over 50 years. For all your machining and fabrication, testing and assembly needs, A&B has got you covered.

Crucial Stakes

Your mission-critical products and components have the highest priority in decision making since it demands serious attention to detail and accurate manufacturing. At A&B, we understand the importance of this for flight crews and passengers. Because of this, we do whatever it takes to make sure that your components and parts will exceed performance and safety requirements in the field.

Challenging Materials

The products needed for aerospace regularly demand specialized handling and materials. A&B has the tools and years of expert knowledge to help by working with a wide range of refining and machining requirements. This way A&B provides you with all that you need straight from one source.


No matter what components you are looking to build, whether new products or recurring components that have been in production for over a decade, A&B has the tools and the personnel to handle your manufacturing needs with quality and precision. Whenever your project calls for special tooling and machining, A&B has got your covered.

tell us about your project needs, and we will deliver. a&b has your six.

Have a project? We would love to help.

Have a project? We would love to help.

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