A&B Quality

Exceptional, Unequaled, Constantly Improving.

A&B Quality

Exceptional, Unequaled,
Constantly Improving

Why Choose A&B?


We pride ourselves in being able to produce some of the most difficult to make castings, and we do this from our knowhow, gained over several decades of trial and error


Spectro analysis, foundry control procedures, in-process inspections and a full range of inspection capabilities are integral components of every job we partake in


We provide our customers with efficient and on-time production and delivery with our jobs. We guarantee our customers satisfaction by notifying them with constant updates


We have the tools and the personnel to effectively build your products. Our engineers approach every project with a unique vision, challenging ideas to create exactly what you need

Our Outstanding Quality

Manufacturing Excellence here at A&B

A&B’s Quality Policy involves trusted quality, cost, speed, and delivery!

Our expert quality staff works tirelessly to make sure that all corporate policies, processes, and business practices are followed accurately according to the AS9100:2016 and ISO9001:2015 standards and methodologies through which we operate. 

Casting Standards & Specifications

  • ASTM
  • MIL Spec
  • AMS
  • WS
  • ANSI
  • Aluminum Association
  • Customer-specific requirements (e.g. Westinghouse, Goodyear, Union Carbide, etc.)

Quality Standard Certifications

  • AS9100C
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • MIL-I-45208

Welding Certifications

  • AMS-1595-Missile and Aerospace
  • ASME-Section IX Boiler Code

Inspection & Analysis Capabilities

  • Inspection
  • Radiography
  • Fluorescent penetrant
  • Operators certified to NAS-410 (MIL-STD-410)
  • Compliant to the following specifications:
    • ASTM-E-1417
    • ASTM-E-1742
    • ASTM-E-1030
    • AMS-2644
    • MIL-STD-453
  • Metallurgical Analysis
    • Secondary dendritic arm spacing
    • Heat treat micro analysis
    • Spectro analysis & full traceability
  • Test Reports
    • Radiology
    • Fluorescent penetrant
    • Material composition
    • Hardness & metallurgical testsĀ 


  • AS9100C
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • MIL-I-45208

NDT Needs

  • X-Ray
  • LPI
  • MPI
  • UT


A&B strives to meet and to exceed the industry standards. All of our up-to-date certifications and memberships at prominent associations assure you that we are working along with the latest standards for every sector that we serve.

Let's work together to create something great!

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